Advantages of leasing from Avis

The main advantages leasing Avis Ukraine:

  • operative decisions
  • allotment of residual purchase price to reduce monthly payments
  • advance payment from 20% from the price of leasing subject
  • no need to create own fleet
  • no need in fleet control staff (control can be carried out by the financial manager or CEO’s assistant)
  • economy of time and efforts on searching and keeping the car, choosing optimal and profitable conditions of insurance, loan service
  • leasing company searches, reserves, controls the quality and delivery terms of the car, mounts additional equipment etc.
  • you do not need to hold a lot of negotiations, meetings with suppliers, insurance companies, banks, suppliers of additional equipment, wait in lines to register your car – all these things do employees of Avis Ukraine.
  • leasing company do all payments, including registration, transport due, expenses on currency exchange etc
  • the leasing object cannot be arrested, or burdening of the third parties
  • Tax advantages:
    • 100% of Lessor’s commission charged to total expenses
    • depreciation charging from the balance value of the leasing subject reduce taxation base
    • 50% of fuel charged to total expenses
    • leasing remuneration is not a subject for VAT
    • service is charged to total expenses
    • all payment deducted from total expenses
  • Possibility to use a car without big expenses.
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