Property rent in the economic sphere. General conditions of rental agreement. Basic rights and duties of the Lessee. Rental payment. Rental of state and municipal property. Sublease of state and municipal property. Buy-out (privatization) of rental object. Land rent in the economic sphere. Termination of rental agreement. Leasing in the economic sphere. Leasing operations of banks.

The Civil Code of Ukraine Leasing agreement. Subject of leasing agreement. Responsibility of subject of rental agreement salesman (supplier). Risk of accidental destruction or damage of the subject of the leasing agreement.

Law of Ukraine On Financial Leasing Definition of financial leasing. Financial leasing legislation. Leasing subject. Leasing objects. Subleasing. Leasing agreement. Denial from leasing agreement. Right of property for the leasing subject. Order of payments in case the ownership right goes to the Lessee.

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