The car in private leasing is your new level


Dreams should come true to the MAXIMUM! Live now, invest in yourself, take a car on private lease! This is the message of Avis Ukraine, which started to provide cars for operational leasing to private individuals. For 25 years in Ukraine, Avis Ukraine specialists have been leasing fleets of hundreds of cars with full service for large companies. Now it's time to provide access to this service for you!

How does AvisMAX private leasing work?

You invest in yourself, your family, or your business, and we buy you a new car and take care of it. You use it for a monthly fee, which includes a full service package.

What is included in the service package?

How is the payment formed?

When you sign a contract, you pay for 4 months of car use at once. For the first month and the final three (as a guarantee payment). Then you pay monthly in equal installments. The amount of the monthly fee for using the car is fixed for the entire term of the agreement. For a monthly fee, you get a new car with a full all-inclusive service package

How to choose the car of your dreams?

Choose your dream car of any brand in your favorite configuration, and we will order it for you from an authorized dealer. If you have already chosen a car in the showroom, we can buy it for you in official dealer networks throughout Ukraine and deliver it to you

How to get a car today?

Choose a new car from our warehouse and get it on the same day you sign the agreement. New cars are already in the fleet for private leasing: Skoda Fabia, Skoda Scala, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Renault Duster, Suzuki Vitara, Skoda Karoq, Skoda Kodiaq, Hyundai Tucson, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Highlander

How to get a car on private lease?

What documents are needed?

What are your benefits?

Why choose Avis if you lease a car?

Avis Ukraine is a local division of the international mobility services provider Avis, which has been leasing large fleets to large companies and providing turnkey services for 25 years in Ukraine, and now provides cars for lease and rental to individuals.

What are our contacts?

Pavlo Tryhuba, Private Leasing Manager: + 38 067 462 05 20

Avis Ukraine, a car leasing service provider: 0 800 305 303 - free of charge from mobile numbers in Ukraine, +38 044 502 20 10 - for calls from abroad

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