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Operational leasing

Operational leasing helps to save time and money. All transport questions are shifted completely to the lessor’s shoulders. After the end of the leasing contract, the car returns to the lessors car park.

Long term rental

We offer only individual solutions. We take into account all your needs and the needs of the company, from choosing a car brand and using it for the entire period of a long-term rental to service and maintenance.

Cars after leasing

Cars after leasing is the possibility to use a car that will be fully adapted to your requirements. We offer cars in Lviv, Odessa, Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine

Car leasing

Car leasing

Vehicle leasing provides all the benefits to the client without additional contracts and commitments. There are several types of leasing: operational, financial, econom and long-term lease. Each of them is suitable for a particular purpose. At the moment it is the most modern way to get a car for the company needs. The advantages of leasing a car are enough: an individual approach, cost savings, insurance, maintenance, quick purchase procedure with no territorial link. Leasing is the most effective car loan product, as demand among customers continues to grow. Leasing is chosen due to the great prospects that it opens up to customers. You receive the car for an unlimited period, but the lessor retains the right of ownership of the equipment during the rental period. We provide a full range of car leasing services at no additional cost to the client

You can lease the cars you wish. We have brought stylish modern Volkswagen ID.5 electric cars from Germany for your private leasing. Save on the costs you actually pay for fuel. Use all the advantages of an eco car. Quiet, intelligent, reliable, comfortable and environmental friendly Volkswagen ID.5 electric crossovers in GTX and Pro Performance complectation will help you enjoy your trip! Both the front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive ID.5 have a stylish design, a comfortable, quiet ride and are equipped with an automatic transmission


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Car Leasing in Ukraine

Buying a car on lease is in demand not only in Europe but also in Ukraine. Leased vehicles are highly influential properties and profitable investments for individuals and representatives of small, medium, and large businesses. On the site avisleasing.com.ua, you can rent cars in all cities of the country. This service allows companies and their executives to take long-term rental vehicles of their dreams with the possibility of further redemption.

Benefits of Leasing a Car

Buy a car on lease in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine and benefit for many reasons:

In recent years, car leasing has been in increasing demand among entrepreneurs. It is worth noting that such a decision to buy corporate transport benefits both parties. At the end of the contract, you can pay the rest of the cost of the car and get the right to its further re-registration in ownership.

Buy a Car on Lease in Ukraine

On the company's website, avisleasing.com.ua, you can get the most favorable conditions for buying a car on lease in Kyiv and other regional centers. We value each client. Therefore, we practice an individual approach and are ready to select an offer that best meets your wishes and requirements. In our company, you can arrange one of the following transactions:

Stages of Obtaining a Car for Leasing

Among the advantages of the car leasing service, one can single out the individual development of an agreement that would consider all the requirements and interests of the parties, from choosing a car brand to carrying out its maintenance.

Recently, more and more residents in Ukraine tend to buy a passenger car on lease in Kyiv. Such a transaction has high liquidity and lets you track the vehicle's location. Our company has a large selection of passenger and corporate leasing cars of various classes. Experienced managers are always ready to answer your questions, clarify the nuances of concluding a deal, help fill out an application, and solve several legal nuances in signing a car leasing agreement.

Can I choose the make and model of the car for leasing?

Yes, at Avis Leasing we offer a wide range of makes and models of vehicles for leasing. You can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.

What is the process for leasing a car?

To arrange a car lease, you need to contact us, fill out an application and provide the necessary documents. We check your credit history and after the approval of the leasing terms, you can sign the contract and get the car.

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