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Financial leasing

Our financial leasing services guarantee a number of advantages, among others. You can quickly and safely choose a car and get the best leasing conditions. The lessor fully undertakes the decision of questions on financial service of the car.

Operational leasing

Operational leasing helps to save time and money. All transport questions are shifted completely to the lessor’s shoulders. After the end of the leasing contract, the car returns to the lessors car park.

Long term rental

We offer only individual solutions. We take into account all your needs and the needs of the company, from choosing a car brand and using it for the entire period of a long-term rental to service and maintenance.

Cars after leasing

Cars after leasing is the possibility to use a car that will be fully adapted to your requirements. We offer cars in Lviv, Odessa, Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine

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Car leasing

Vehicle leasing provides all the benefits to the client without additional contracts and commitments. There are several types of leasing: operational, financial, econom and long-term lease. Each of them is suitable for a particular purpose. At the moment it is the most modern way to get a car for the company needs. The advantages of leasing a car are enough: an individual approach, cost savings, insurance, maintenance, quick purchase procedure with no territorial link. Leasing is the most effective car loan product, as demand among customers continues to grow. Leasing is chosen due to the great prospects that it opens up to customers. You receive the car for an unlimited period, but the lessor retains the right of ownership of the equipment during the rental period. We provide a full range of car leasing services at no additional cost to the client.


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