How to get an electric car in leasing?

Avis Ukraine provides with electric cars private entities

How to get an electric car in leasing?

Avis Ukraine started to provides private entities with modern European electric cars, purchased in Germany - Volkswagen ID.5 in GTX and Pro Performance configuration in private leasing. These electric cars have a stylish design, a comfortable, quiet ride and are equipped with an automatic transmission.

This is your new level of mobility, based on environmentally responsible driving. If you only dreamed of driving an electric car and did not allow yourself such a pleasure, now is the time to make your dream come true, take it to AvisMAX private leasing, with maximum service.

You can pay for the use of a car on a monthly basis, and at the same time get a full all-inclusive service package, which includes everything: from its registration and full insurance to regular maintenance, replacement and storage of tires, delivery to the service station and return.

Just imagine that you are swimming in the pool while we arrange maintenance for you. You will be able to save a lot of time for yourself, your family or your affairs, and time is the most valuable thing. Even if you have planned a trip by car and something happens to it, you will go there anyway, because we will provide you with a replacement car (if yours needs repairs). So, you can relax and enjoy your trip.

The term of private leasing can be from one to four years, and then you can return the car to us or buy it back for the residual value.

The ID.5 electric car can be obtained for private leasing at the head office of Avis Ukraine in Kyiv at Yamska Street, 72. Avis Ukraine managers provide instruction on the use of electric cars and tell you everything you need to know when you get behind the wheel of an electric car for the first time. The cars appear to be fully charged - the Avis Ukraine Kyiv station is equipped with two Yasno fast charging stations with a capacity of 22 kW, which allow charging two electric cars at the same time.

The price of an electric car for private leasing can be calculated with the manager of Avis Ukraine, Pavlo Tryhuba: +38 067 462 05 20