How to get an electric car in leasing?

Avis Ukraine provides with electric cars private entities

How to get an electric car in leasing?

A new level of mobility - how to get an electric car for private leasing?  

The Avis Leasing company offers cars for leasing modern European electric cars purchased on the German car market: Volkswagen ID.5 (GTX and Pro Performance ). These electric cars have a stylish design, comfortable, quiet operation and have an automatic transmission.

With them you will reach a new level of mobility based on environmentally responsible driving. If you previously only dreamed of trying to ride an electric car, but could not afford this exciting experience, – today is the time to make your dream come true. You have a real opportunity to take it to AvisMAX private leasing with the maximum possible service.

You rest, and we carry out maintenance

You can pay installments for the use of the car every month, in small equal parts. In addition, you will be provided with a full all-inclusive service package. It provides: 

Just imagine – you enjoy swimming in the pool while your car is being serviced. You can allocate free personal time to communicate with your family or to do business. Time – the most valuable thing that a person has in our time. Your planned trip will take place under any conditions. Even if your electric car suddenly breaks down, – we will provide a replacement vehicle. That is, private leasing guarantees full service so that you fully enjoy a problem-free ride.

Long-term car rental involves using the car for 1–4 years. After the contract expires, you have the opportunity to buy it back by paying the remaining value of the vehicle.

Electric cars are leased fully charged

You can private lease the Volkswagen ID.5 electric car and other models at our main office: Kyiv, str. Yamska, 72. Qualified managers instruct each client in detail about the rules for using an electric car. They will tell you everything you need to know if you haven't driven an electric car before. The vehicle must be fully charged – two Yasno fast charging stations operate at our Kyiv station. Their power of 22 kW allows charging two electric cars at the same time.

Manager Pavlo Tryguba will help you calculate the cost of taking an electric car for private leasing: +38 067 462 05 20