Car for a beginner: which model to choose and what you should know

Car for a beginner: which model to choose and what you should know

Safety and comfort are the main, but not the only, criteria when choosing a car. Drivers who are buying their own vehicle for the first time should think about its class, condition (new or used), technical condition, etc. Agree, a car for a beginner is not only a means of transportation. The driver is practicing and improving his driving skills, resulting in minor scratches, minor bumps and other damages. That is why it is worth choosing a practical and inexpensive to maintain model, which does not hurt to operate.

Recommendations for choosing the ideal car for a beginner based on 3 criteria

Purpose is the first criterion that must be determined by a person who buys a car for the first time. The type of use corresponds to the car class:

  1. A small car of A- or B-class is suitable for trips around the city. It maneuvers well, is economical and requires little money for maintenance.
  2. To impress business partners, you should pay attention to a C- or D-class sedan.
  3. Going on a trip with a large company or family is worth using a minibus.
  4. Those who live in rural areas should buy a pickup truck. Even if currently there are not enough funds for this, there is an opportunity to lease a car to private individuals.

If it is difficult to decide on a class, a crossover as a universal option will suit everyone.

The next criterion is the condition of the vehicle: new or used. In the case of buying a car from a showroom, costs for fuel, maintenance, tires, insurance, and additional options are expected. Buying a new car is always more expensive than buying a used one. In addition, after 4-5 years, the cost of the model from the salon drops by half. But it is reliable and under warranty. The used version loses in reliability, often needs repair, but is more affordable.

The third criterion is age. It is recommended to buy cars for novice drivers that are not too old, so as not to spend a lot of money on maintenance. If there is a desire to buy a better option, you can pay attention to the sale of a car after leasing.

Car for a beginner

Important features and safety factors when choosing a car for beginners

The vehicle must have simple controls. This will help a beginner not get confused in the pedals and switch gears correctly. In the question of which transmission to give preference to - manual or automatic, it is recommended to choose the first. Novice drivers often try to switch to the "automatic" faster. However, some inexpensive automatic transmissions often fail. In addition, instructors advise using "mechanics" to consolidate driving skills.

A car for a beginner should have good visibility. You should not choose an oversized car: a compact version will do, which will help you correctly calculate the turning radius, enter a garage, a service station, etc. For this purpose, the purchase of a sports car, an SUV or a long station wagon is undesirable. In general, the functions of a car are affected by its price. To choose a quality model, you should pay attention to car leasing, thanks to which you can purchase the option that suits you best.