Avis car leasing is a great choice for business

Lease a car has an advantages compared to a loan

Avis car leasing is a great choice for business

If you need a car for a long time, you can lease a car, this option has a number of advantages compared to a regular loan. Avis offers transparent leasing conditions that open up many perspectives for individuals and businesses.

Car leasing from AVIS: cheaper, easier, faster

The AVIS company provides cars for leasing in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro and some other Ukrainian cities. Operational leasing is available to legal entities, which provides the client with a vehicle for a period of one and a half to four years. The customer chooses any car for his fleet from all possible options at car dealers.

The lessee (the one who leases the car) uses the leased cars by paying monthly payments. He does not become the owner of the car, therefore, after the end of the leasing period, the car is returned to the lessor, and the customer can choose another vehicle or buy it back.

Leasing a car is beneficial for companies that need a vehicle to perform certain work tasks. In addition, it is a great option for people who do not want to drive the same car for many years, but do not have the funds to buy new cars all the time.

Car leasing from AVIS is beneficial for several reasons:

If desired, the client can choose extended individual leasing conditions and receive free repair service, administration of fuel costs, etc. Leasing should be distinguished from long-term car rental, which is possible for a period of no more than one year.

Favorable conditions for car leasing from AVIS: how to choose the best offer

To choose the best car leasing option in Ukraine, you must answer the following questions before signing the contract:

  1. for how long do you need a car;
  2. what tasks do you plan to solve with the help of a car - personal affairs or work goals;
  3. how much money you can spend on leasing;
  4. do you need full service, receiving other additional services.

Before signing a leasing contract, we must consult each client on the terms of cooperation with us. Only after agreeing on the individual conditions and providing a package of documents, the contract is signed and the car is issued for use for the specified period.

Saving money and time: how car leasing will help you achieve success

Car leasing from AVIS is a great opportunity to achieve success in business. The service has the following advantages for legal entities:

Selling a car after leasing is an opportunity to buy a car from the lessor after the end of the contract. AVIS is the owner of the car, you can buy it from us if you wish. Car leasing is very popular in the world, 30% of cars in Europe are leased. Ukrainians can also join this popular option thanks to the AVIS company.