Electric cars for rent for ecological movement

Electric cars for rent for ecological movement

The desire to take care of the environment and reduce emissions of exhaust gases into the atmosphere has led to an increase in the popularity of electric car rental. Today, every self-respecting car brand has developed its own model of a car with an electric motor. If you want to try this category of car for yourself, but do not have the desire or funds for a full purchase, you can lease an electric car.

Electric vehicle revolution: advantages of renting electric cars

Renting a car from the category of electric cars has the following advantages over cars with gasoline or diesel engines:

Renting an electric car in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities is a convenient and quick procedure. It allows you to use high-quality electric cars for any period of time, to familiarize yourself with their capabilities as much as possible and to evaluate the benefits of use in practice.

Recharge while traveling: electric cars for rent as a convenient and ecological option

The capabilities of electric cars are constantly growing, because manufacturers equip models with improved versions of electric motors and improve technologies. If earlier it was advisable to rent an electric car only for moving around the city for short distances, now you can use them for hundreds of kilometers on a single charge of the battery.

rental of electric cars

Electric cars for leasing to private individuals: environmentally friendly and profitable

Car leasing to private individuals includes the following services:

  1. registration of car insurance;
  2. full maintenance by the lessor;
  3. convenient and transparent conclusion of the contract;
  4. choosing between new models of electric cars in the fleet.

The cost of renting an electric car in Kyiv is pre-calculated by the manager and depends on the configuration and technical characteristics of the selected electric car model. Every Ukrainian can try driving an electric car.

If the client wishes, electric cars can be leased and used, the monthly payments for such a car will be lower. After the end of the leasing agreement, the car can be returned to the leasing company or bought back at the final cost. Avis Leasing offers only certified vehicles that have not previously been owned by other owners and have undergone regular maintenance.

In the AVIS Leasing catalog, you can find a complete list of available electric cars, their technical characteristics and final cost. If necessary, the manager will provide a full consultation, tell about the rules and possibilities of car leasing, its advantages.