Dangerous car breakdowns and their diagnosis

Dangerous car breakdowns and their diagnosis

Many pedestrians have become drivers to save time, mobility and comfort. But there are other safety-related nuances that motorists should consider.

Dangerous car breakdowns: risks on the road and how to avoid them

The driver is responsible for the condition of his vehicle. To prevent car malfunctions from causing an accident, it is important to constantly monitor:

  1. Tyres – without hernias and cracks, with normal pressure and a tread of sufficient depth (according to the season). Adhesion to the road surface depends on these factors, and therefore – controllability and braking distance of the car.
  2. Brake pads, discs and drums – the degree of their wear can often be determined visually. You should also pay attention to the sounds that occur when you press the brake pedal. Creaking – a reason to urgently contact the master.
  3. Fluids level: oil in the engine (check with a dipstick and don't wait for the indicator to light up), cooling and brake fluids, transmission oil level in the gearbox (especially automatic).
  4. The degree of wear of the gas distribution mechanism belt – if it breaks, failure or stoppage of this mechanism and problems with the motor are guaranteed.
  5. Hermeticity of the fuel system – it is necessary to check whether there are no stains under the car and regularly inspect the pipes, nozzles, hoses (getting even a small amount of gasoline under the hood can cause a fire).
  6. Condition of glass cleaners and lighting devices.

Any change in these parameters requires immediate diagnosis at a certified auto repair shop.

Dangerous car breakdowns and their diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis of car breakdown

During a complete diagnosis, using special equipment, the causes of mechanical and electrical malfunctions of the car are detected and established.

Definitely need diagnosis:

However, you should not wait for malfunctions to contact the service. Adherence to seasonal and scheduled maintenance schedules – guarantee of reliable car operation.

How to become a motorist

You can buy a car in the salon or "hand-held". Another option – use the modern attractive service car leasing, when the client receives a vehicle and accompanying services (insurance, registration documents, consulting). And all this without collateral.

Car rental and leasing companies also offer sale of cars after leasing. This is an opportunity to purchase a vehicle that was the first and only owner of this company, and its managers used the car in compliance with corporate driving safety rules. 


The AVIS leasing company takes care of all technical issues related to the condition of the car.  All cars are leased completely new, technically sound and after a full technical inspection. During the entire operation of the car, the company organizes maintenance at official stations.