Advantages of leasing a car: why is it better than buying?

Advantages of car leasing

Advantages of leasing a car: why is it better than buying?

As an alternative way of purchasing a car, the service of leasing a car is increasingly developing. This option does not involve paying the full amount for the car. An individual or legal entity can spread the costs over 2-5 years in small payments, which are pre-determined according to the contractual terms. What are the other advantages of leasing a car, and why is this format gaining popularity in Ukraine?

Car leasing: how you can save money and get more benefits

Cars are leased to private individuals on attractive terms. The advantage is that the buyer does not need to pay the full price of the car right away. There are also no various commissions and other hidden payments. Among the advantages of leasing, the main ones can be noted:

  1. the basic package includes registration of insurance, maintenance, replacement of tires, registration of documents and some other services that the lessor undertakes;
  2. the car is provided without a down payment, upon receiving it you pay 4 monthly payments for use: for the first month and three final months (as a guarantee payment);
  3. pre-established contract conditions remain unchanged throughout the lease term, regardless of economic circumstances;
  4. previous credit history and financial capabilities of the buyer are not taken into account.

Car leasing as an alternative to traditional car ownership: we consider all aspects

The advantages of leasing lie not only in the financial plane:

Payment for leasing a car is made in national currency. However, the amount may be equivalent to US dollars.

Selling a car after leasing is not a mandatory condition. The client can refuse to purchase the vehicle if he does not need it for certain reasons. He has the option to terminate the agreement and stop payments at any time. If a decision was made to purchase a car after the end of the leasing agreement, then the amount of pre-paid installments is deducted from the cost.

Evaluating the pros and cons of leasing a car, you can come to an unequivocal conclusion that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this option. It is relevant, taking into account the unstable economic situation in Ukraine, external threats and financial capabilities of citizens. Even if you do not have significant financial savings, with the leasing service you can use the car of your dreams and become its owner in the future.