How to choose a car for leasing

How to choose a car for leasing

Leasing a car allows you to pay minimum monthly payments. The leasing market is represented by thousands of models of cars in various categories - from small city cars to minivans with various types of engines, including electric cars. This can cause difficulties, so it is worth reading a few recommendations on how to choose a car for a beginner.

Practical tips for beginners: how to choose a reliable and budget car

In order to profitably choose a car for leasing to private individuals, you need to clearly understand your requirements for the vehicle before signing the contract. The Avis fleet includes models with the following characteristics:

When choosing a car for leasing, you should consider your own financial capabilities, because you will need to make regular payments.

Tips from AVIS: TOP cars for a beginner

Beginners who choose their first car are recommended to pay attention to models with simple controls at an affordable price. Among the wide assortment in the fleet, it is better to focus on cars from proven brands, including Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, Skoda and others.

Preference should be given to cars with an automatic transmission, because a beginner will be able to get used to driving faster. Interesting models include:

  1. 2022 Toyota Corolla with a gasoline engine of 1.8 liters and a sedan body;
  2. Peugeot 301, 2020, with a gasoline engine, front-wheel drive
  3. Or any other car you choose yourself.

Most of the cars in the fleet are equipped with modern technologies, including airbags, touch control buttons, electric windows, etc. With such a set of innovative mechanisms, the trip will not cause difficulties and will bring a lot of pleasure to both the driver and passengers. If you follow the tips on how to rent a car correctly, you will become the owner of the car of your dreams.

Buying a car after leasing is a separate opportunity to buy a car that was used by the leasing client. Such a car was purchased, as a rule, new from official dealers, its owner was a leasing company. Such cars could be attached to managers of companies for which we formed car fleets.

Such cars are serviced at official service stations and have a transparent technical history. For buyers - legal entities, VAT is included in the price.