Crossover or SUV: what parameters should you pay attention to in order to make the right choice?

Crossover or SUV: what parameters should you pay attention to in order to make the right choice?

Before purchasing or applying for car leasing, you need to carefully analyze the situations in which it is preferable will have to “work” – the central streets of the city, the highway, the dirt road, as well as the number of passengers who will ride most often and the amount of luggage. The answers to these questions will determine the optimal body type: station wagon, crossover, coupe, pickup truck or other.

SUV or crossover: what to choose for family and active recreation?

An all-wheel drive vehicle that has a reduction gear, which means it can drive on the most unsuitable surface for this purpose, – this is an SUV. It will go where other cars don’t dare to go. For this reason it is also called an all-terrain vehicle. Nissan Xterra, Toyota 4Runner – prime examples of such a car. Thanks to the reinforced chassis, SUVs are able to withstand significant loads and tow large loads.

The crossover can be considered the older brother of the passenger car. Its main features:

Representatives of this type of car are Renault Duster and Opel Grandland X. To cover a distance of 100 km, they consume approximately 4 liters of fuel.

If the car is not needed for constant use, and the driver wants to save on gasoline costs, it is possible to take electric cars for rentin the selected body.

Crossover or SUV: what parameters should you pay attention to in order to make the right choice?

City streets or off-road, crossover or SUV?

It is convenient to analyze generalized facts about these completely different machines from the table:




Fuel consumption

Significantly due to the large size and non-streamlined shape

Moderate, especially when comparing fuel consumption while driving in the city

Clearance (ground clearance)


Different in different models


Incredibly high – This is the main feature of cars of this type

Of course, because the car is more suitable for driving on city streets or on the highway

Control features

Aggressive, somewhat reminiscent of driving a truck

Soft, which is similar to driving a regular car


Very spacious, some models have a third row of seats; and the cargo compartment is designed for transporting bulky cargo

Smaller compared to the opponent, but all members of even a large family will be comfortable in it


The main body is a strong frame, so the car is powerful and stable

The design does not provide for a frame, the machine is designed for quiet movement

To find out during operation what is better – There is no need to buy an SUV or crossover. Long-term car rental – This is exactly the service with which you can try out the capabilities of each car model. Rental can be issued for up to 12 months. Several weeks of active driving are enough to get a clear picture of the car.