Secrets of buying a used car: everything you need to know and how to check

Secrets of buying a used car: everything you need to know and how to check

Before buying a car with mileage, you should check it carefully. This will help to find out how safe the vehicle is and not to waste money. It happens that unscrupulous sellers distort the mileage in order to sell the car more easily and increase its value. After some time, the new owner may find that the car has a small residual resource and worn parts. In the best case, this will lead to the need to drive the vehicle to the car service, in the worst case — to an accident on the road with unpredictable consequences.

How to check the mileage of a car before buying and discover its true history

Specialists use three ways to find out the real state of the machine. They will come in handy in the case of purchasing a vehicle and will help in the event that a long-term car rental with subsequent purchase is planned. Let's consider in more detail:

  1. Analytical method. It was based on the statement that on average a car covers 15-20 thousand km per year. Indicators are compared with the age of the machine. Accordingly, a 10-year-old car has a real mileage of 150-200 thousand km.
  2. Technical method. This method of viewing the mileage of a car is suitable for vehicles with a mechanical odometer drive. It is worth carefully inspecting the device. The absence of large gaps between the numbers, scratches on the mounting — a sign of genuine mileage. It is also necessary to assess the condition of the engine, body, brake discs, timing belt.
  3. VIN code check. Another effective way to find out the mileage of a car, because every car has a unique number entered in the technical license and database. With its help, you can set indicators that are not as accurate as the true history of vehicle use: regularity of technical inspection, replacement of fluids, etc. The future owner evaluates the quality of previous maintenance, the presence of damage, getting into an accident, etc.

With what mileage to buy a car

The listed methods help if the car is sold after leasing or without prior leasing. When buying a car, you should pay attention to the number of previous owners. The more people used the vehicle, the higher the probability of twisting the mileage. It is necessary to assess the condition of the plate with the VIN code. If she has traces of interference — scratches, scuffs, etc., this is a clear sign of potential dishonesty of the seller.

What is the normal car mileage before buying

For transport of European production, the passage of 10-30 thousand km per year is considered the norm. These are average figures for a car that has been properly serviced and regularly inspected. It is worth asking the seller where the car was used. A car used in taxi service cannot have a low mileage. An office worker who rarely leaves the city limits uses transport less often, so the car is kept in better condition.

With what mileage to buy a car, you should decide, taking into account a set of indicators: technical condition, cost, brand of the car. Possible car leasing also requires a mileage check, so the listed methods can be used for this case as well.