What is needed to lease a car

What is needed to lease a car

Car leasing is a popular tool that allows you to keep your vehicle savings and get rid of all issues related to the maintenance of this vehicle by transferring them to a professional leasing company, such as Avis Ukraine, under the conditions of making monthly payments in stages. The advantage of this type of vehicle use compared to renting is:

  1. the possibility to choose and order a new car from the salon, assembled for you;
  2. full service of car maintenance from purchase, registration to maintenance, tire replacement, and so on;
  3. the optimal cost of monthly payments, as a rule, is lower than when renting;
  4. the possibility to buy the car after the end of the agreement or refuse this decision or exchange the car for a new one.

Leasing a car: necessary conditions and criteria

Cars can be leased to both legal entities and individuals. The task of leasing for legal entities, i.e., organizations, companies, enterprises is to increase their competitiveness due to the effective allocation of resources for transport needs and to provide their employees with a positive experience of using a leased car.

For example, Avis Ukraine has been forming entire fleets of hundreds of cars with full service for large companies for 25 years.

As for private individuals, the company provides cars for private leasing in the form of a product called AvisMax.

This is when a private individual can choose the desired car from the Avis showroom or fleet of used cars, the company buys or provides such a car together with its full all-inclusive service for monthly payments. Thus, a private person can invest in himself, in his family or in his business, and the leasing company provides the car and takes care of it, providing the most complete service package.

Each agreement is drawn up on individual transparent terms, according to which the amount of monthly payments, the duration of the agreement, and other indicators are established.

Leasing a car takes place in the following stages:

  1. choosing a car from the list of vehicles available for leasing (you can choose a car by category and characteristics, including leasing electric cars);
  2. formation of an individual agreement depending on the client's characteristics - the conditions will be different for private individuals and companies;
  3. collection and provision of the necessary package of documents to the lessor;
  4. verification of documentation and approval of contract terms;
  5. making the first payment and developing a plan for further payments.

After signing the contract, the lessee can freely use the vehicle, while the lessor undertakes to issue an insurance policy and maintenance of the car. After making the last payment, you can buy the car. The sale of the car after leasing is carried out subject to the payment of its established value without taking into account the amount that has already been paid under the leasing agreement.

What documents are required to purchase a car for leasing

Let's note the list of documents required for leasing a car:

The lessor reserves the right to request other documents from the lessee. The documents required for leasing a car are provided before signing the agreement.

The minimum amount required for car leasing makes this tool increasingly popular. In Ukraine, leasing has not been in operation for as long as in the USA and Western European countries, but thousands of individuals and legal entities have already managed to take advantage of its advantages. This format is especially convenient for companies that, at the beginning of their existence, cannot buy transport at full cost due to a lack of funds.

The leasing agreement allows them to save money and make small payments that will not significantly affect the budget. Later, they will be able to buy the car at an attractive price.