Trade-in when buying a car in Ukraine: is it profitable?

Trade-in when buying a car in Ukraine: is it profitable?

In the life of every motorist, there comes a moment when there is a desire to sell your car and buy a newer model. A profitable option in this case can be the "Trade-in" service, which is gaining popularity among car owners in Ukraine. It helps not to linger in the status of a pedestrian, to get behind the wheel of a new car faster.

What is a car trade-in?

Car trade-in — a program that allows you to exchange an old car for a new one with an additional payment of the difference in value. The service is actively provided by car dealerships, because it allows them to significantly expand the circle of customers. It can also be obtained from a company that offers car leasing.

Exchange options for vehicle owners:

A car through trade-in in the USA or Europe — quite a popular service. The dealer can buy a car there at a reduced price, so he has the opportunity to sell it quickly and profitably for all participants of the arrangement. In Ukraine, the program operates intensively in large cities, where there is a large turnover in the automobile market.

Companies that provide a service such as long-term car rental often also offer trade-in used cars that you can buy to replace your old car. AVIS Leasing has modern models available at reasonable prices.

Trade-in when buying a car in Ukraine: is it profitable?

Car trade-in: is it profitable in Ukraine?

Before determining what a Ukrainian car trade-in is, whether it is profitable to buy such a car, let's consider how it works. So, if you decide to exchange your car, the process will follow the following algorithm:

  1. Request to the selected car dealership.
  2. Conducting diagnostics and evaluation of the value of the car by specialists.
  3. Compensation of the difference between the value of the old car and the new model.
  4. Getting the purchased vehicle into your possession.

It is worth noting that not every car can be accepted into the program by car dealerships. In the case of poor-quality repairs, significant age, unresolved customs issues or problems with documentation, specialists may refuse the customer trade-in car service. In the absence of these nuances, car owners have the opportunity to quickly change the old model to a new desired one.

If you are interested in long-term car rental or purchasing cars after leasing, contact the specialists of AVIS Leasing. The company works not only with legal entities, but also with all citizens who want to rent a car.

Why you should not be afraid of buying cars after leasing at AVIS Leasing:

AVIS Leasing has been a reliable partner for individuals and legal entities for 25 years. A large number of modern models for every taste and budget are available in the car park for customers. In addition, for the convenience of tenants, there are 450 service stations throughout Ukraine for timely and professional car maintenance.