Driving test: a smart approach to preparation

Driving test: a smart approach to preparation

In recent years, a car has ceased to be something out of reach for an average Ukrainian. Therefore, more and more citizens decide to get a driver's license. It is also pleasant that almost 60 % of future drivers – these are women. They have proven that they can cope with this task no worse than men, and show excellent results in the skill of driving vehicles. However, each experienced driver was initially a student of a driving school and passed a theoretical and practical driving test in order to obtain a driver's license, respectively, the right to get behind the wheel.

Many specialized institutions that teach Ukrainians to drive vehicles are registered in Ukraine. Qualified teachers teach students to drive the chosen type of transport in accordance with the approved program. Most often, Ukrainians are interested in category B, that is, driving a passenger car, and "older" are considered specialized.

How to pass a driving test

Any person who has reached the age of 18 can get a driver's license and drive independently in the future. Driving schools provide students with the opportunity to acquire basic driving skills and the necessary knowledge of traffic rules. Training in such institutions is usually divided into stages:

  1. Theory. Thorough study of traffic rules, i.e. traffic signs, road markings, rules of behavior in extreme situations, etc.
  2. Practice. Practicing the practical skills of driving a vehicle according to the specified category.
  3. Examination tests. Passing exams at a driving school and passing to the state driving test at the TSC.

According to the innovations of October 29, 2023, in order to obtain a driver's license, it is possible to study the theoretical unit independently and pass the theory exam without prior training at a driving school. The procedure will look almost the same as after studying at a specialized institution. The student needs:

After successfully passing the theory test, the future driver has the right to proceed to the practical block and start learning the basics of driving in a driving school. Experienced instructors will provide all the necessary knowledge and help polish safe driving skills.

Car driving test: a smart approach to preparation

What to do after obtaining a driving license

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