Where to go on the weekend: 10 destinations by car

Where to go on the weekend: 10 destinations by car

The pandemic of the 20th year made corrections to the travels of Ukrainians, and the Russian military aggression forced them to look for new opportunities for leisure and children's health. So traveling in Ukraine by car is currently one of the safest types of tourism. Let's try to find out where to go on the weekend for a good vacation.

Where can you go on the weekend in Ukraine today

Where you can go on the weekend in Ukraine today

Modern car leasing opens up great opportunities for travel. You can visit:

  1. Kyiv. The heart of Ukraine and its strong fortress. St. Andrew's Ascension, Golden Gate, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, House with chimeras, St. Sophia's Cathedral — all this can be visited in just one day.
  2. Environs of the capital. You can stay in the historical district of Koncha-Zaspa, which is attractive with forests, sanatoriums and training health centers, take a look at the Mezhyhirya, located near the Dnipro River, visit the unique open-air national museum of Pyrogovo, visit the small village of Yasnohorodka and visit an ostrich farm.< /li>
  3. Cherkasy. If you live in Kyiv, the question of where to go in Ukraine for the weekend does not even arise, because Cherkasy is just behind you. It is the center of Ukrainian Cossacks and the soul of the country. Regional Museum of Local Lore, Memorial of Glory, Cherkasy City Park "Sosnovy Bir" and amazing landscapes of the Dnipro attract many tourists, especially families with children.
  4. Chigyrin region. Quite a good idea — drive towards Chigyrin, visit Kholodnyi Yar and Subotiv, look at Maksym Zalizniak's Oak, which is over 1,000 years old.
  5. Uman. The small town is famous for the Sofiyivka National Dendrological Park. If you don't know where to go on a weekend with children, this masterpiece of world garden and park art — the right choice. It is especially beautiful here in the evening, when the famous fountains play with unforgettable overflows.
  6. Vinnytsia. The largest floating fountain in Europe is located here. And also — The Pirogov Museum, the water tower, the regional museum of local history, and this is just a small list of interesting places in Vinnytsia.
  7. Khmelnytskyi. The "Podillia" arboretum, a fountain with storks and frogs, the botanical garden of the Khmelnytskyi National University, Independence Square, cathedrals and churches are the exquisite beauty of this city.
  8. Lviv and its surroundings. Modern electric cars for rent provide an opportunity to visit even more distant cities. You can start your route from Lviv. Here, everyone will find something they like. After drinking a cup of coffee in Lviv, you can visit the most famous castles of the Lviv region — Oleskyi, Pidhoretskyi and Zolochivskyi. Built in the 14th-17th centuries. in their time, they were royal residences and reliable fortresses. 
  9. Ancient castles of Transcarpathia. In Uzhhorod, you can get to know the fortress of the 11th century. "Palanok Castle" in Mukachevo and the romantic fortress "St. Miklos" in Chinadievo. These are places that have absorbed the strength of the Carpathians and the indomitability of local residents.
  10. Attractive places of Western Ukraine. After visiting Kamyanets-Podilsk, you can see the fortress where the movie "Taras Bulba" was filmed, and also visit the triumphal arch, estates, cathedrals, Turkish bastions and churches. Then you can move to the city of Khotyn. Here is one of the seven wonders of the world — Khotyn Fortress, dated to the 6th century.

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