Murals of Ukraine

Murals of Ukraine

Mural painting has been actively developing in Ukraine since 2014. Mural – this is a way to decorate a house, a wall, a fence, a playground. The capital, as the vanguard of this direction, gathers artists who offer an interesting and extraordinary view of art. Tourists from other cities of Ukraine or foreign visitors should come to Kyiv and admire these works of street art. 

The most outstanding murals of Kyiv as works of art worthy of attention

Murals reflect cultural figures, prominent personalities, and also express the author's attitude to the depicted. However, Kyiv – a large city, it has many examples of wall painting. Tourists should travel mobile. Public transport does not always deliver to the desired point. The right way out of the situation – car leasing from the Avis company. You don't need to spend a lot of money, because renting a car for a certain period is profitable.

Murals of Ukraine

Mural "Bereginia" 

The work of art appeared near Independence Square. Its author is a Costa Rican artist. The mural depicts a woman in a bright national scarf surrounded by sunflowers on all sides. According to those who saw the mural, the guardian – a reflection of the spirit of a Slavic woman, therefore the place has a strong energy. Although the image is drawn of a woman who emigrated from Azerbaijan. As the author of the work Mata Ruda admitted, the place was not chosen by chance, because in 2014 the Revolution of Dignity took place on the Maidan. 

Mural "Cool" 

The mural appeared near the "Ukraine" palace. in 2019, in commemoration of the participants in the battle with the Bolsheviks near the "Kruta" railway station; in January 2018. The heroic deed of the students attracts the attention of not only historians, but also modern artists. The creator of the mural is the Kailas-V group. Its participants say that the feat of unconquered youth is an example for the modern generation. The mural impresses with its artistic perfection and scale. To make sure of this yourself, it is enough to drive to Velika Vasylkivska. And Avis will help with transport. The company offers electric cars for rent on favorable terms. 

Mural "Ghost of Kyiv"

One of the murals that recently appeared in the capital. It is dedicated to the military pilots of the 40th brigade, who are still defending Kyiv from enemy missiles. The opening of the mural took place on August 27, 2022, when Ukraine celebrates Aviation Day. Since that time, the mural decorates Podil – the old capital district. 

Three artists from Kyiv worked on the creation of the mural for 6 days. The image shows the pilot of the MiG-29 military aircraft. As the authors note, the photo from which the mural was made was actually presented back in 2019, when an exhibition of new helmets for pilots took place. 

"Ghost of Kyiv" is located on Mezhihirska street. Various public transport services go to the historical center of Kyiv. However, the best way to get there is by car. Especially since Avis offers long-term car rental on favorable terms. You can learn more about them by phone. Using the service, you should visit different cities and see the most famous murals of Ukraine.