How to prepare a car for a long trip with AVIS Ukraine

How to prepare a car for a long trip with AVIS Ukraine

Long-term car rental is becoming popular nowadays. When you are going on a long trip, this service is the most cost-effective and convenient solution. In Ukraine long-term car rental from AVIS — it is the flexibility of long-term relationships. In the article, we will consider how to prepare a car for a long trip.

Renting a car for long-distance trips in the summer: a checklist for the driver

If you have long-term travel plans, or you just need a replacement vehicle, rental or car leasing — perfect solution. AVIS offers an opportunity to save money. Because the longer you rent, the more you save.

Thanks to a wide range of cars and high-quality service, long-term rental is simple and cost-effective. In addition, the service department of the car rental company always checks the car before handing it over to you for technical condition and you can be calm on the road. However, any long-distance car trip requires careful preparation. If you have rented a car for a long time or leased it, always refer to the standard checklist. Check:

  1. Effectiveness of all light indication, high and low beam headlights.
  2. Integrity of tires and their elasticity  
  3. Engine start-up efficiency
  4. Availability of a sufficient amount of glass washer in the tank.
  5. In the current situation in Ukraine, you should not lower the fuel level to zero, always refuel the car before the tank is completely empty

Rented car for a long trip — a great opportunity to try something interesting for driving and plunge into a new adventure.

How to prepare a car for a long trip with AVIS Ukraine

A car for long trips in winter

It is necessary to prepare more responsibly for winter trips by car. In the cold season, a mistake on the road can cost a life. One of the main commandments — keep a full tank. As soon as you see the gas station — add gas In no case should the arrow of the gas tank be lowered to zero. If, for example, the car has a flat tire, you will at least be able to warm up.

Check the spare wheels, the composition of the tool kit. Usually, this kit is provided to you by the car rental company. Before a very long trip, be sure to ask the car rental company to undergo a technical inspection. Pay attention to the suspension and braking system. Let specialists check the bottom of the body. But they will check the oil level and filters.

What must be taken with you on a long trip

If you rent a car for long trips in Ukraine, they will help you draw up a contract and insurance. However, there are points that you should take care of yourself. In particular, it is worth preparing for the trip:

Preparing for a long car trip requires careful planning, especially when it comes to electric cars for rent. First of all, it is important to check the battery status and plan routes with charging stations in mind. When choosing an electric car for rent, you should pay attention to a model that provides a sufficient range. Do not forget to bring all necessary documents with you, including the rental agreement and insurance policy. Careful preparation will help avoid unpleasant surprises and make your trip comfortable and safe.