Rules of economical driving and optimization of physical wear of the car

Rules of economical driving and optimization of physical wear of the car

Every car owner dreams that his vehicle is always "running". and did not undergo negative changes. Modern cars are as comfortable, economical, high-quality and durable as possible, as compared to old models. They serve their owners for a long time, provided that the key rules of operation of vehicles are observed. It's no secret that when choosing and buying a car, every motorist pays attention not only to the appearance, set of functions and year of manufacture, but also to the fuel consumption while driving. Sometimes fuel efficiency comes first for the driver. Accordingly, the question arises: how to save fuel without harming the car.

Rules of economical driving: what is eco drive

Recently, a style of driving called eco drive has become quite common. This trend consists of a number of rules, the observance of which helps to significantly save fuel while driving and makes operation cheaper. In general, the concept of saving fuel is based on the understanding of some physical processes and their skillful use while driving. Let's highlight some of the most effective rules:

  1. Using inertia (so-called coasting) to reduce gasoline consumption.
  2. Maintaining optimal engine speed and appropriate transmission.
  3. Route planning to avoid sudden braking and acceleration.
  4. Performance of smooth acceleration.
  5. Choosing high-quality fuel.

It is important to consider the weight of the car and the technique of safe driving. It will not be superfluous to regularly check the pressure in the wheels and the condition of the car in general.

Rules of economical driving: what is eco drive

Is it possible to reduce the physical wear and tear of the car

Good condition of the mechanical part of the car ensures regular technical inspection and maintenance. Accordingly, it reduces the car's physical wear rate. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for changing the lubricant, regularly checking and inflating tires, monitoring the condition of electrical components, and diagnosing the brake and cooling system. It will also help to reduce the level of wear and tear on the vehicle:

In any case, every car will remain in good condition for a long time if it is driven carefully and regularly maintained.

Efficient cars that will last a long time

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