Environmentally friendly car leasing - profitable and modern

Environmentally friendly car leasing - profitable and modern

Leasing is an option for motorists who prefer a monthly payment instead of paying the full cost of a new car. Even if you've always wanted to drive a modern model, leasing a car is a great alternative to buying. It can be compared to a lease: the lessee pays a monthly lease payment. The size of the installment depends on the car model, brand, configuration and new price. In today's world, ecological car leasing is gaining momentum.

Environmentally friendly car leasing - profitable and modern

Environmental car leasing: benefits for business and the planet

Choose electric car for leasing; confidently step in step with the times. It's about caring for the ecology of the planet, for yourself and your wallet, because it's also profitable. Ecological leasing of an electric car contributes to the reduction of emissions of harmful substances into the environment, which is a very important aspect of environmentally responsible mobility. Finally, choosing electric car rental, you can rent a car that you could only to dream.

Avis in Ukraine allows you to arrange environmental leasing for German Volkswagen ID.5 models with automatic transmission.

Advantages of ecological car leasing:

Electric cars – a profitable offer for both private owners and businesses, because the use of such machines significantly reduces financial costs.

Environmentally clean leasing: how to reduce emissions and save money

The environment in Ukraine suffers more and more pollution every year. The atmosphere receives a large part of harmful substances, namely almost half of all types, from cars. On average, a car running on traditional fuel emits about 700 kg of carbon monoxide per year. By leasing an ecological car, you directly participate in improving the future of the planet. With ecological leasing, private individuals receive:

If you need a car for a long time, but you do not plan to buy it, long-term car rental is just for you. Long-term rental from Avis is available in many cities of Ukraine and has only pluses:

Avis is the first and only owner of all the cars it offers. Machines have excellent characteristics and quality, serviced only in certified service centers. And you have the opportunity to buy such a car. The company also offers car sales after leasing. A nice bonus is that legal entities that buy cars from Avis do not pay VAT.
Ecological car leasing is about choice and responsibility, and ecological leasing at Avis is also about reliability and quality.