Car leasing with maintenance: how to optimize the cost of car service

Car leasing with maintenance: how to optimize the cost of car service

Imagine that you have a car, enjoy driving, feel comfort, speed, road under the wheels, complete freedom and independence, control your time, free to choose the route, music and even the temperature in the cabin. And you don't have any problems or expenses due to the maintenance of this miracle.

Do you think it doesn't happen like that? So, you simply do not know about car leasing with service, which involves long-term car rental for the period you need, the price of which includes full service of the vehicle by the lessor. This is a great way to make more rational spending on the car, to get rid of worries about its maintenance and repair.

Car leasing with maintenance: how to optimize the cost of car service

What is the benefit of leasing with maintenance

Long-term car rental has several significant advantages. A monthly fixed payment allows the tenant to plan a budget, avoid financial force majeure, and also take advantage of the manufacturer's guarantees. And they often include a period of free maintenance, repairs and various improvements. Some companies add to the service package replacement of consumables and worn parts:

At auto leasing they provide new or almost new models, which means the use of the most modern safety technologies during their production. By leasing a car with maintenance, the lessee gets access to updates from the manufacturer, and can easily change the existing model to another, more advanced model if desired.

The tenant does not need to worry about depreciation – decrease in the value of the car due to age and technical problems, because this is the problem of the lessor.

Another financial advantage – the monthly payment during leasing with maintenance will be lower than payments on a bank loan. In addition to saving money, the lessee saves time and nerves, which he would have to spend on maintaining the car in good condition.

The rented car can be returned to the owner at any time without additional costs.

Selling a car after leasing implies a decrease in value, taking into account depreciation and mileage, and the client has priority in purchasing this car.

Optimum service cost during car leasing

Determining such a financial indicator is possible only in each individual case, taking into account electric car rental, because several options should be taken into account:

However, with different input data, the conclusion remains unchanged: you get a new car with a complete maintenance package and you don't have to worry about unforeseen costs for repairs and other necessary procedures. You save not only money, but also time, enjoying driving and traveling.

Everyone who is currently deciding whether to buy a car on credit or take, for example, electric car in leasing with full service, one must remember: in addition to monthly payments to the bank, the cost of car maintenance will also have to be taken from the family budget, and these can already be double expenses.