Leasing companies: we choose a reliable business partner

Leasing companies: we choose a reliable business partner

A long-term rental with the right to purchase, or leasing a car, is one of the popular ways of financing those who do not have their own wheels. The service is simple and profitable, often used in Europe. It is relatively new for Ukraine - it appeared in 1997. What principles should be used to choose leasing companies in order to get the most out of cooperation? We share the secrets of success.

Leasing company for your business: keys to success and mutually beneficial cooperation

There are many companies operating in Ukraine that offer leasing services. However, not all of them are able to provide a full range of services. How to find the one that will treat the client's needs as attentively and responsibly as possible? What to focus on among the variety of offers? After all, which leasing company is better? All these questions confuse many people, but everything is not so complicated.

Leasing company for your business

We reveal the secrets of a successful choice of a leasing company for a successful business

To get the maximum benefit, you should go through the check sheet. It will help to avoid mistakes:

  1. We pay attention to the financial stability (sustainability) of the company and the status of the property itself (car). We check that the latter is not followed by a train of bank debts that will make it impossible to use the car.
  2. We are interested in the experience of working in this market segment and the reputation - how diligently transport suppliers are selected, how carefully the documentation is checked before concluding the agreement.
  3. We find out what financing options are offered by the leasing company, so that the long-term car rental is as profitable as possible; whether the maintenance feature is available as part of the agreement.

These are the main questions, after collecting the answers to which you, as a business owner, will be able to protect yourself and your business from unnecessary risks. But before that, it is necessary to explain why enterprises and entrepreneurs need such a service as leasing.

Why cooperation with leasing companies is beneficial

Car leasing is available not only to those who are just planning to develop their own business and need mobility. It has long been used by successful companies and brands as a great tool for smart spending. The explanation for this lies in the advantages, which boil down to the most important positions:

In the case when an electric car is leased by a business representative, it makes his business more environmentally responsible and has a positive effect on the image. And if you look a step ahead, you can see the tendency to increase the number of electric cars on the roads of Ukraine (not to mention the European community). This is quite understandable: the EU plans to completely switch to climate-neutral cars from 2035. By the way, Avis Ukraine also offers electric car rental on leasing terms.