Нове авто або б/у: всі за та проти

Нове авто або б/у: всі за та проти

When it becomes necessary to buy your own car, there are always questions — buy a new or used car, or is it better to take a lease car to avoid problems with long-term maintenance? The new model beckons with shine and progressive technologies in the package. Used vehicle — more attractive price. Let's try to figure out which option is more promising.

Buying a used car: what you need to know

Coronavirus and the war have led to the fact that in a number of countries, citizens buy new cars less often, preferring budget options of the secondary market. The main drawback — the risk of encountering fraudsters. Below is a guide to problems that used cars may have:

  1. Body — the thickness of the paint layer can indicate hidden defects, such as rust, corrosion, broken metal.
  2. Geometry — large gaps between the elements of the car may indicate attempts to hide damage after an accident or unsuccessful repairs.
  3. Engine — you need to check the condition of the cylinder head and gaskets, piston rings and cylinders. There should be no oil or coolant leaks.
  4. Undercarriage — it is better to inspect the condition of suspensions, pads, brakes and wheel balancing with a specialist.
  5. Transmission — pay attention to the wear of the clutch (for a manual gearbox), gear shifting, smoothness of movement.

What to do if there is no time and desire to delve into technical details, and the budget does not allow buying a new car? An adequate solution would be long-term car rental in which the client is guaranteed to get behind the wheel of a car with a fixed mileage.

Buying a used car: what you need to know

Safety from the assembly line: the advantages of buying new cars

Assessing the advantages of a new car is an important step in deciding which car, new or used, is better to buy. The main ones are as follows:

  1. Availability of a manufacturer's warranty. It indicates the number of months and mileage. In most cases, regular maintenance and oil changes are included in the warranty package.
  2. No need for repairs. With a new car, as long as it doesn't have serious manufacturing defects, you should have no problems for years to come. 

Those who value environmental friendliness, comfort and time can consider leasing an electric car. This is a great way to save money by gaining independence from fuel prices. Leasing provides full insurance, regular maintenance, replacement and storage of tires, delivery and return of the car to the service station.

Which car should you buy: new or used?

A new car will give you an incomparable feeling of complete control over the situation. There will be no unpleasant surprises on the road and unforeseen stories from the service station. As for used cars — no matter how thoroughly you inspect your car before you buy it, you may still need repairs soon.

If it is not possible to buy a new car, and the purchase of a used vehicle does not look promising either, we suggest choosing electric car rental as an alternative, budget-friendly and quite convenient option.